nitroproc is a free portable software for data science

Cross-platform: Mobile, PC and Mac. Disk based, handles massive data

Just install it, and that's it. Call it from Python/R or as a standalone program

Read csv, write csv. Super simple.

Creates beautiful logs for debugging


Designed for data scientists

Merge, Sort, Summarize, Subset, Create Dummies? Includes all the data processing techniques needed by data professionals, with minimal syntax. Specifically designed for csv inputs and outputs

Edit your script using any text editor, or programmatically via Python/R/C++. Then call nitroproc.exe

Apart from the processed output, you will find a log file detailing what was done and all the errors encountered

You will also find a tracer file. nitroproc's engine analyzes the logical connection of the script and identifies how the different instructions relate to each other

Fully cross-platform 100% disk processing

Means very large data files can be processed without taking care of the memory usage. Sorts 100Million keys in big files in less than 10min on a i54430 @3GHz. Solid state drives are recommended for maximum performance on computers. Mobile devices certainly benefit from this!

Code once deploy multiple times

The same script will work on any device

Integrate easily with other languages

Call your nitroproc scripts from Python, R

Runs in PC, Mac or Mobile locally

Run locally, no need to pay for server time

Free to Use

Free for any use. Period

Getting started.

Check the documentation and tutorials

Let's Get Started!

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