Available for iPhone and iPad


The iOS version for devices using the A11 Bionic chip (iPhone 8,8 Plus,X) of nitroproc provides a performance comparable to a medium-high end PC machine (Intel 4430 @3.00Ghz), and around 5x faster than a quite standard Android phone (Nexus 5X). The internet is full of benchmarks testing the iPhone on imaginary tasks; in this page, you will see a real benchmark comparing the iPhone to both an Android phone and PC. To our knowledge, this is the best real benchmark of the sheer power of an iPhone. Check the performance section at the end of this page

All nitroproc scripts are fully compatible between platforms, you just need to take care the appropiate file paths are chosen properly according to each platform. For example if you are summarizying (aggregating) a file, for a PC the input file will generally be located on "C:/myfolder/file_to_sort.csv" whereas in an iPhone you just need to put "file_to_sort.csv". Nitroproc will prepend the correct path according to your iPhone.


The app can be installed from the App Store (it is absolutely free with no ads).

Using the App

The main screen is divided into two parts: the upper part contains the .nitroproc scripts. The lower part contains the csv files that can be processed by nitroproc. When you install the app, it will contain sample scripts and csv files that you can use to test and learn how the app works.
The lower part contains the csv files. You can choose any of them, and view them row by row (bear in mind this works for monster files, although it might take some time to process)

List of scripts (top), list of csvs (bottom)

Editing and running a script

Visualizing data

Just select a csv file from the list and you can visualize it (csv files are comma delimited files, quite standard in the data science industry). The total number of rows and columns will be displayed.

Visualizing the data. You can navigate the file using the buttons

Creating new scripts

Just select "New Script" on the main page. Enter the name that you want for that script, and your script will be added to the list. Naturally, you can then select the script and enter your code there.

Transferring files via iTunes

Open iTunes and go to File Sharing. You can upload/download your scripts, and csv files.

Performance and benchmarks (sorting a 250MB file)

Go to Downloads and download the code.nitroproc script, and the sales.csv file. Use iTunes to transfer the files. In this example we will sort this .csv file containing around 4.5Million keys. This file contains 8 columns, some of them strings, dates and numbers. The performance on an iPhone 8 Plus is simply astonishing, you can see it runs in about 2.3 minutes, only 70% more than a medium-high end PC version (intel 4430 @3.00Ghz with a standard hard drive), which takes around 1.3 minutes. Bear in mind that an iPhone consumes around 6Watts/hour, and a gaming PC more than 250W/hour. The fact that such an incredible performance can be achieved with 50X less power is simply astonishing. As a final comment, note that both iPhone8 Plus and iPhoneX run using the same chip (A11 bionic), and older iPhones will yield considerable slower performance.

Nexus 5X 2015 - 15 minutes

iPhone 8 Plus - 2 minutes 29secs

PC Intel 4430 @3Ghz - 1 minutes 24secs

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